Northumbria University Footbridge


Location: Northumbria University Footbridge

The University Footbridge reunites two parts of the city divided by the Central Motorway. The two main sites, City Campus West and the spaceship like City Campus East face each other across a motorway linked by a futuristic £4 million footbridge.

Over the weekend of 5-7 May 2007, Northumbria University erected their landmark footbridge across the central motorway in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This is part of the £100m+ City Campus development. There is some timelapse footage from one of the universities webcams of the installation.


St Thomas Church (war time entrance Victorial Tunnel)

St Thomas Church
St Thomas Church

Both the Victoria Tunnel and Pandon Burn cross under Barras Bridge. The Church of St Thomas the Martyr was designed by the local notable architect John Dobson. It opened in 1880 and replaced a medieval chapel that had stood at the end of the old Tyne Bridge. The Civic Centre was built in the 1960s on a site that previously had been 19th century terraced housing. In 1977 during President Carter’s visit to Newcastle, part of the infill of Pandon Dene south of the Civic Centre, subsided under the weight of the crowd.

The Armstrong Mounument, also on Barras Bridge, with its beautifully engraved metal plaques is worth studying.

Another war time Tunnel entrance was constructed here. In 1941, an inspector reported that “as this is a mining district the persons who will shelter in this tunnel are possibly better fitted constitutionally to resist underground damp conditions than those in the south”.