Summerhill Park

Location: Summerhill Park

This gentile and partially hidden park and square are in marked contrast to the more boisterous Westgate Road. Walk up Westgate Rd, turn left after M & S Motorcycles, and the Park is revealed.  Fine houses (many of them listed) overlook a community park and the former bowling club, including the home of Robert Stephenson, which as a blue plaque, in Greenfield Place. Summerhill Square is a hidden gem in Newcastle upon Tyne – a peaceful late 18th and early 19th century inner city square within easy walking distance of Central Station, St. James’s Park and the busy central shopping areas of the city.

Each year there is a summer fair, details from the Friends of Summerhill website.

Summerhill Pavilion, tucked away in the heart of a peaceful Georgian inner city square, is a spacious and characterful building, which has just undergone essential renovation works, thanks to a capital grant from Newcastle City Council; a kitchen has recently been added and additional works to improve facilities further will be undertaken over the next two years. Summerhill Pavilion is a wonderful venue for events of all kinds, it is available for private hire for daytime and evening events.

Summerhill Bowling Club is located at the top (West) end of Summerhill Square. It includes two championship-size bowling greens alongside other substantial open spaces.

Summerhill Bowling Club was officially opened on 17 July 1916 as a private members bowling club in the Summerhill area of Newcastle upon Tyne. The leading figure in the establishment of the club was the director of a local iron and steel company, Henry Alfred Lawson, who went on to become the club’s first president and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 1922 Henry Lawson also became the first president of the newly formed Northumberland County Bowling Association. The Club was visited by some other famous sportsmen throughout its history. Between 1943 and 1957 many famous names from Newcastle United Football Club played bowls on the club’s greens, including Jackie Milburn, Len Shackleton and Roy Bentley.

The club had many successful years and was renowned for its welcoming atmosphere along with the quality of its greens. Due to falling membership the club closed in March 2011 and its assets were passed to the Friends of Summerhill to be adapted for community use.

The Friends of Summerhill | Home

The Friends of Summerhill | Home Square is a hidden gem in Newcastle upon Tyne – a tranquil oasis just minutes away from Central Station, St. James’s Park and the busy central shopping areas of the…


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