Total Policing – Cate Watkinson

“The words ‘Total Policing’ used as a strap line by the Northumbria Force and suggested the idea of a circular piece encompassing all. The piece is made from polished stainless steel and curved glass. The inner ring has a series of words cut into the steel through which light shines and enabling the words to be reflected in the highly polished stainless steel sphere. These words selected from the 2020 Vision document include the following: Attentive, Responsive, Reliable and Skilled.”  Watkinson Glass Associates

“Large scale public art commission to design and fabricate glass, stainless steel and light work to be sited in front of the new state of the art building housing the Northumbria Area Command Head Quarters. Technically, this work has been developed from and is based on research carried out through the Technology Strategy Board funded solar cell seating project, where knowledge gained from the previous work into LED lighting has informed the development of this innovative public art piece.”   Sunderland University Website

Or to quote the Daily Mail :-

Raoul Moat police force spend £50k on ‘steel ball in a hula hoop …
Daily Mail-5 Feb 2011

Northumberland Police HQ Wallsend
Northumberland Police HQ Wallsend