Swirl Pavillion - Raf Fulcher 1998

Swirl Pavillion – Raf Fulcher 1998

Located on the Promenade, just a few yards past the Pitcher and Piano. The work has a stone base with a steel column in it, supporting a golden ball on top of the column. The gold ball is 2 metres in diameter, and is 3.5 – 4 metres off the ground. Materials used: Stone, lead, mild steel, 23.5 carat gold leaf. Commissioned by the Tyne & Wear Development Corporation

Both a sculpture and a building, the Swirle Pavillion appears to be a folly for the Quayside. It has the names of various towns carved around the inner rim taken by the artist from a faded sign at Plummer Chare and were the destinations for a local shipping company. The pavilion takes its name from a hidden stream, which flows into the Tyne at this point.  The golden glove you can see sits atop the Swirle Pavilion, and walking inside the sculpture reveals the names of the destinations of ships which departed from the Tyne during its industrial heyday.”

Raf Fulcher teaches at Sunderland University. More of Raf’s pubic art can be seen on the Metro at Jesmond.

Swirle Pavillion
Swirle Pavillion