Statue of a Miner – John Dyson (1895)

Statue of miner modelled on a figure from the famous Ralph Hedley painting ‘Going Home’. Burt Hall was built by the miners in recognition of Thomas Burt, first miner to become an M.P. . Burt also appointed Secretary of Board of Trade.  This statue is high up, overlooking Newcastle’s City Hall, it’s surprising just how many people never notice it.

This was home to the Northumberland Miners Association from 1895 and is named after Thomas Burt, the first working miner to be elected to Parliament. The building he stands proudly upon is Burt Hall. Cross over to it. It was once the Northumberland branch of the National Union of Miners and was named after Thomas Burt, who was MP for Morpeth in Northumberland for more than 40 years, from 1874, and was the first working miner to be elected to Parliament.

Although Spital Tongues Colliery and the Victoria Tunnel had closed by this time, coal mining remained a major industry on Tyneside until more recent times. Burt Hall is now part of the University of Northumbria.