Rudder – Andrew Burton 1996

Location on the Keelman Square, made from bronze, the work is commissioned by the Tyne & Wear Development Corporation. Rudder is easy to find, it is right outside Gusto’s Restaurant on the Quayside

The piece is a striking but simple, rudder like form, which is subtly curved. At its highest point the form flows into a step like feature with elements, which curve out of the sculpture. The bronze is patinated green and has a aried surface, which is apparently smooth but if examined more closely has imperfections, which invite the viewer to touch the metal.

Sand Gate is that the one time home of that famous Newcastle community, the Keel Men, who were unique to the region. These were the highly skilled boatmen, who handled the movement of coal from the riverside to ships on the River Tyne. The keelmen took their name from their small vessels called Keels which could carry around 20 Tons of coal.



Rudder - Andrew Burton 1996
Rudder – Andrew Burton 1996