River Tyne - Neil Talbot 1996

River Tyne – Neil Talbot 1996

This work is just opposite the large court building, where the wide pedestrian walkway departs from the Quayside Road. Located by the retaining wall by the Wesley Memorial Fountain, made from Sandstone, commissioned by the Tyne & Wear Development Corporation, carved on site the work is a relief depicting thirty miles of the course of the Tyne. The Tyne is shown as a map with various views from along the river’s course realistically carved to a relief with a maximum depth of a centimetre. Despite the overall length of the work being 30m, it is a subtle intervention into the retaining wall and quayside as a whole. the architecture was built by Talbot together with his sister Anna and son Jay, it is considered as one of the more discreet works on the quayside. The work is very easy to miss.



River Tyne - Neil Talbot
River Tyne – Neil Talbot