River God – Andre Wallace 1996

Located on Sandgate, the work is set on a roundabout at the centre of East Quayside. The roundabout outside Ward Hadaway and Mal Maison. Made from Bronze Figure on a Steel Column, commissioned by the Tyne & Wear Development Corporation, the River God is a male figure with a torso and head only, he sits on top of a steel column apparently blowing at the Siren. The figure is patinated brown and holds a staff and chain. This and other pieces on the Quayside were funded by the Tyne and Wear Development Corporation as part of the Quayside regeneration.

This part of the Quayside, Sandgate, was described by John Wesley in 1742 as “the poorest most contemptible part of the town’

River God - Andre Wallace 1996
River God – Andre Wallace 1996