Ouseburn Monument

Thirty five metres below this Monument, the Ouseburn River imageflows, in a culvert. Some of the places through which the Ouseburn flows are engraved at the base of the Monument. Woolsington, Callerton, Brunton, Gosforth, Jesmond Dene, Ouseburn Valley.

The City Stadium is little more than a pleasant green space, with the remnants of a cinder track going around it. For nearly fifty years this place was known as the Ouseburn Tip. A protracted attempt to create a landfill over the culverted Ouseburn River. Before 1907, this area was a steep-sided valley that divided the east end districts of Newcastle from the town centre.

The Ouseburn Tip could not support the housing originally planned by Newcastle Corporation, and in 1961, Councillor T. Dan Smith proposed that the area be used as a sports stadium, to be completed in time for the Empire Games of 1966. These plans never materialised.

The City Stadium is not of course to be confused with St James’ Park