Newcastle through the Ages

Worth 10 minutes of anyones time, Newcastle’s most informative public art work, themes of Oceanus, Monkchester, Pons Aelius and Geordie, engineering, architecture, shipwrights, artists and social reformers. 2.3m high 2.7m wide.

“Newcastle Through The Ages”, is a surprisingly dense portrayal of Newcastle’s history. It is worth spending a little time studying it, something is bound to surprise you.

The work depicts many facets of the city’s past: bridges, coal mining, steam locomotives and cranes; themes of Monkchester, Oceanus, Pons Aelius and Geordie and various local engineers, architects, tradesmen, shipwrights, artists and social reformers.
An Armstrong Whitworth car features on one of the panels.

The work was installed in 1974, the Artists were Henry and Joyce Collins, their work can also be seen on the BT Tower in London. The work was commissioned by Newcastle City Council and Northern Arts, the left panel measures 2.3m high and 2.7m wide, the right being 2.3 m high and 6.4m wide. Made from polychrome cement fondu and stone.