George Stephenson Monument – John Graham Lough 1862

George Stephenson is on the pedestal. The corner projections on the monument hold four figures representing spheres of Stephenson’s activity in the mining, locomotive, manufacturing and railway industries.  An engineer resting his arm on a model of a steam engine; a blacksmith with an anvil; a miner with a safety lamp; a plate-layer with a type of rail.

Robert Stephenson is thought to be the model for two figures, one holding a miners lamp and the other with an outside cylinder locomotive. The other two figures represent a blacksmith and a plate layer. The monument was inaugarated at an elaborate ceremony on 3 Octiber 1862.

This Grade 2* Listed Monument was designed in 1849 by John Graham Lough in order to promote Newcastle as a leading industrial centre. Not until April 1859 was the actual size plaster model exhibited in the nearby Literary and Philosophical Society before being sent to London to be cast in bronze.


George Stephenson Monument, Westgate Rd/Neville St
Location: George Stephenson Monument, Westgate Rd/Neville St