Colonel Blenkinsopp Coulson

Colonel Blenkinsopp Coulson was a leading figure in the RSPCA and the NSPCC. He founded the local Dog and Cat Shelter in Spital Tongues. From this monument you can look down onto the riverside to where the Victoria Tunnel staithes once stood. The monument has two fountains: the larger one for humans, and around the back the smaller one for animals!

The inscription on the front side of the plinth reads:
“William Lisle Blenkinsopp Coulson 1841 – 1911 erected by public subscription in memory of his efforts to assist the weak and defenceless. Among mankind and in the animal world”

The inscription on the rear of the plinth reads:
“what is really needed is an allround education of the higher impulses true manliness, and womanliness justice, and pity. To try to promote these has been my humble but earnest endeavour, and until they are more genuinely aroused, the legislature is useless, for it is the people who make the laws” (w.l.b.c.)

Statue Unveiled 27th may 1914, by the right honourable Johnstone Wallace, Lord Mayor. Herbert Shaw, Sheriff. A.M. Oliver, Town Clerk.

Colonel Blenkinsopp Coulson
Colonel Blenkinsopp Coulson

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