Paddy Freeman Park

Paddy Freeman’s is situated in Dene Ward, along Freeman Road. There is a steep path linking the Park with Jesmond Dene.

Facilities in Paddy Freeman’s Park include an inclusive play area, model boat club, tennis courts, and a bowling green. There is a small private café with outdoor seating. There are no public toilets at the park. The nearest public toilets are situated in the picnic field pavilion within Jesmond Dene. Other toilets are available in the park café during café opening hours.

Patrick (Paddy) Freeman and his family arrived from Windmill Hills, Gateshead in 1795 to mill flour at the Old Mill in Jesmond Dene. They farmed the land which became this park. The farm was bought by Sir William Armstrong to become part of the woodland garden he was creating with his wife. The organ in their Banqueting Hall was powered by water from the pond.

The Armstrongs gave the park to the people of Newcastle at the same time as Jesmond Dene, in 1883. The pond was expanded in 1890 to create a boating lake.

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