Ouseburn’s Heritage Panels

Reading heritage panels, is not everyones cup of tea, especially when out for a walk, it interrupts the rhythm of the walk. Sometimes information panels get vandalised, other times they vanish, in which case you may wish you had read them when you had the chance. In the case of the Ouseburn Culvert, one of the more fascinating episodes in Ouseburn’s history, visitors are no longer able to read the heritage panel, first it was vandalised, later it disappeared entirely. However it’s here if you want to read about this fantastic tale of municipal ineptitude.

Most of Ouseburn’s heritage panels are on the east side of the Ouseburn river, just follow the riverside path. Ouseburn has many interesting sights, perhaps more per square metre than perhaps any other part of Newcastle, and that really is saying something. Reading the information panels is one good way to start.

Ouseburn Heritage Panels

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