Ouseburn Art

Visitors are reminded they are entering a special area. Specially commissioned waymarkers are positioned at the main gateways to Ouseburn, whether its descending into the valley from the City Stadium Park, or via the burn footpath near the Toffee Factory. This ‘Gateway’ art takes the form of turquoise coloured bottles and monuments.

As well as the ‘gateway’ art there are plenty of murals by the Ouseburn School, now Newcastle Enterprise Centre, these murals are often reflected in the river when the tide is high and the light is right.

Other works of art are easier to miss, Newcastle City Council maintains a list, now out of date, of Art that once formed a walk around the Valley. Some of this Art is long gone or has been replaced, the valley is forever changing. A more up to date and comprehensive list exists on this web site.

More Ouseburn Art

Ouseburn Art

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