Newcastle City of Doors

Newcastle’s Amazing Extraordinary Doors

Newcastle’s Doors may not even warrant a second glance, you may think, but these doors reveal a myriad of stories and information about the cities illustrious past. At one time the front door to a building was a like a logo or an advertisment, that gave some indication about what a building was all about. Up until now, Newcastle has made no attempt to capitalise on its doors.

Other cities have been more forthcoming, Dublin for example. It was 1970 around St. Patrick’s Day that a colourful collage of Dublin doors appeared in the window of the Irish Tourism offices on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Perhaps it’s time that Newcastle took a leaf from Dublin’s book and made more of this particular adornment?

Finding the doors is relatively easy as this article and this ‘Storify’ article both show. It’s not just the doors that are interesting, often you need only look to your feet to see some dazzling and not so dazzling mosaic door wells.

Newcastle City Of Doors

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