Newcastle City of Mosaics

Collingwood Street is a particularly overlooked street when it comes to mosaics, forgotten door wells clearly visible as you walk contain many faded and incomplete mosaics, like some ancient roman archaeological dig. Perhaps the most heavily used and under appreciated mosaics are the glass mosaic floors of the Tyneside Cinema, which were built to last 150 years and still have half of their working life left. Rather surprisingly, the mosaic floor of the Central Arcade (1906), only dates from 1980, it is less easy to ignore and in pristine condition.

The most exciting and surprising mosaics are probably those in the Grade 1 Listed Church of St George, in Jesmond, a five minute walk from West Jesmond Metro. The Shipbuilding magnet, Charles Mitchel, spared no expense in his efforts to turn Jesmond into the Ravenna of the North. The church is normally open to visitors on Saturday morning and is well worth a visit for those that have not yet seen it. Where ever you go in Newcastle, there is bound to be a mosaic of some sort.

Newcastle City Of Mosaics

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