Dex Garage

DEX Garage opened in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1931 in the ‘Art Deco’ style of the period. It is the oldest existing straight ramped multi-storey car park outside of London and the fourth oldest existing in England.

It originally included rest and washing facilities for Chauffers awaiting the conclusion of their employers’ business or entertainment in the city centre; a car lift and turntables to transport these large Chauffer-driven cars to an available parking space; washing, servicing and refuelling facilities as well as a new car showroom.

The 5-storey steel frame and reinforced concrete structure remains in use today as a city centre car park, with many of its original features remaining intact. We were asked by Newcastle City Council to prepare a report on the building to assess it’s architectural significance.

 Dex Garage, New Bridge Street, Newcastle, NE1 8AB