CastleGate Building

The Manors Power Station was built between 1901 and 1904 to generate electricity for the Newcastle Electric Trams system and the new electrically driven cranes on Newcastle’s Quayside.  Electricity generation for the trolly-bus system stopped in 1966, after which the building was used as a maintenance centre. Later it was used as an indoor car park. During the construction of the Metro system in the 70’s a full size mockup station was constructed in the Turbine Hall for training purposes.

The best time to see this building is in September when it normally is accessible for the Heritage Open Day Weekend. Guided Tours are provided on this weekend and are quite enthralling.

Stagecoach owned the building until 1996, after which it was bought by City Church. The building was renamed CastleGate and the Turbine Hall is used as a Conference Centre. The Turbine Hall still houses a giant 50 ton crane, once used to lift new turbines into place.

Home - CastleGate

Home – CastleGate historic conference and events venue in the heart of Newcastle


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Bridge Hotel

The Bridge Hotel, at the Newcastle end of the High Level Bridge, next to the Castle Keep, has an amazing array of stained glass.   It is worth the price of a cup of coffee just to go inside and look at the windows.  There is an open air beer garden to the rear overlooking the majestic river and bridges.
Location:The Bridge Hotel Castle Square, NE1 1RQ. Some people say it is the best vantage point of the River Tyne to be had any where, all we know is its called ‘The Bridge”


Bridge Hotel Doorwell Mosaic
Bridge Hotel Doorwell Mosaic
Bridge Hotel Doorwell Mosaic
Bridge Hotel Doorwell Mosaic


Etched Glass – John Hutton

Etched Glass - John Hutton
Stephensons Rocket
Stephensons Rocket

Worth a look are the glass etchings near the main entrance to Newcastle Civic Centre. John Hutton from New Zealand did etching for the Civic Centre, also did a lot of work on Coventry Cathedral, at the Civic Centre his etchings include; Swans lightbulb, Parsons Turbine, Stephensons Rocket, unfortunately the Armstrong window was damaged and has yet to be replaced. Show the main four engineers for the region.

John Hutton (artist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Hutton (artist) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the Civic Centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, he created a glass screen representing some of the great inventions of the city and also figures from local mythology with his…