Tynemouth Metro 10 things you may have missed 

If you haven’t seen Tynemouth Metro at first light, you really should, the lamps play funny tricks with the light, giving the impression of flying saucer shadows on the ground. Market days, normally Saturday and Sunday, are a big event, trying coming early before the traders have set up, see their heavily loaded vehicles queueing up outside and the rows of empty tables awaiting their arrival.

The Metro is home to a number of art works, temporary exhibits which occupy the central part of the bridge, and more permanent exhibits, there is a mosaic on one side of the metro and mural of Palestine on the other. There is also a tiled panel showing the once extensive Great North East Railway network.

On the far side of the bridge as you leave the metro, there are the remanants of an intricate hydraulic system which once operated a lift to hoist passengers luggage in to a storage area on the bridge, not a lot of people notice that. The bridge itself is a beautiful curved marvel as is the restored glass roof.

Tynemouth Metro

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